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They have a growth rate of 1/2 inch a month in most cases. I had bought a Jack dempsey about 5 months ago. Here is the Omega one Cichlid pellets I mentioned. Learning about Jack Dempsey Fish Care can help your fish. Jack Dempsey / AP. ... Alibaba Group founder Jack … The forecasted large growth rate in the Chinese EV market should lead to another big year for Nio. I am feeding hikari cichlid staple. The set up now is only momentary, I have 3 jd cichlids in a 10 gallon the biggest one being an 1.5" long. ... and maybe it's unfair to keep demanding growth … The species is aggressive, Within the past 10 years, another variation has emerged, the electric blue Jack Dempsey (EBJ). Eventually I’ll just have these two oscars and the pleco in this tank. So, they need a tank that’s at least 80 gallons. One of the oldest cichlids in the trade, the Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) got its name from the famous 1920s boxer, who, like this fish, was known for his aggressive nature and striking features. His 39.7 percent hit rate was the lowest among players who attempted at least 300 ... Jack Dempsey/Associated Press. Feb 14, 2020 - Explore Deverick McKenzie's board "Jack Dempsey Fish" on Pinterest. Marc Giaquinto rated it really liked it Dec 28, 2019. The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is an ideal time to reflect on what’s important to us and what we hope to achieve. So guppys and Danio is out of the question. Danio may work if they are already full grown and you get the JD at 2 inches. A: In common, they can live for up to 10 – 15 years. So, they need a tank that’s at least 80 gallons. Q: How long do jack dempseys live? Jack Dempsy will eat fish it can fit into its mouth. It’s a 125 g and right now there are the two oscars, a Jack Dempsey, sailfin pleco, 5 silver dollars, two blue gourami, a blood parrot, and one rainbow shark. Thanks

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